Covid-19 Downloads


Protective Face Shields

Supports are not necessary.
Print with at least 3 Perimeters, 30% infill. Ideally, print it from PETG.


Ventilation Filter & Splitter

Circuit Splitter and Flow Restriction Devices for Multiple Patient Lung Ventilation. PLA, 100% Infill, Peri=25


DIY Ventilator Kit- VentilAid

3D printed parts: 15 hours of printing. PLA /ABS and TPU/Flex material. Highly Reliable, if printed well.
Use reputated 3D Printer.


Medtronic PB 560 Ventilator

Fully Open Sourced & Certified Medtronics PB-560 Ventilator System.  With Guide & Specifications
Please use a Professional 3D Printer


Valvula Venti- Respirator

Certified Respirator. Use PLA material
3D file format: STL
3D model size: 34.8 × 27 × 93 mm


Hands-Free Door Opener

Hands-Free 3D-Printed Door Openers to Help Against the Spread of Coronavirus/ COVID-19
Can be used as a Portable Keychain