Kids are often exposed to playing outdoors rather than sitting idle in a place. But that is challenging in this era of covid-19. You could take assistance of 3D printing structures and techniques to help engage your child stay indoors and play.

With the vast development in the field of 3D printing there have been improvements regarding the toys manufactured.

Compiled in this list are the online platforms where you can get the samples of various toys that you can easily 3D print at home itself. Don't hesitate to use Craftcloud in case you are not able to print anything provided in the list below.

  1. Fidgets

Not only for the kids but also for the adult fidgets are considered to be a great deal of stress buster. So why not utilise this beautiful toy to keep your offspring little engaged within themselves.

  1. Whirligig

Reading this word might give you a nostalgic feeling. Since our times, whirligig has been a source of kind entertainment where we try to spin it faster with the use.

Printing whirligig is a cakewalk as it needs no support and its design is very simple.

This simple toy has been printed over hundreds of times and is available on youmagine.com

  1. Bearing press

Bearing presses can be easily printed using PLA without supports. To mention bearing press is another type of fidget spinner.

Oftentimes printing a fidget spinner by inserting 608 bearings is a tough job to undertake. However bearing press significantly allows you to insert 608 bearings into the 3D printed fidget spinner easily.

Although this is not printed by many users but you can easily find it on thingiverse.com

  1. Nesting puzzle

This is a unique type of puzzle which will both entertain and frustrate your child. So you can enjoy the glimpse of children cringing about it. This Russian make has multiple uses like ok you can Store some goodies and treats for your little ones once when they finish the puzzle.

Embodied with variations relating to the parts on the inside and outside of the cylinder you can easily modify the setup. In case if you want to upgrade the rigidity of ease solving the puzzle you might want to try printing the one with the path on the inside of the cylinder.

Nesting puzzles can be easily printed with the help of PLA without absolutely no requirement of any support.

You can easily find this on thingiverse.com. however the number of confirm makes include only 167 and the number of remixes counter till 8.

  1. Planes submarines and other automobiles supported by veggies

No parent wants the kids to play with their food. However in this case you might want to change the perspective.

This idea was born in 2014 under the name of open toy project.

To mention that the body of these toys exclusively remains to be a soft object which is much suggested to be veggies. You could also use sponge aur other soft items.

With over whooping 12000 downloads with five makes and one remix this is a very popular set of toys. You can find them easily on thingiverse.com and youmagine.com

  1. Vehicles

Vehicles are cliche when it comes to kids and toys. It's pretty obvious that 3D printing services will definitely assist you when it comes to printing vehicles.

  1. Optimus prime from Transformers

Transformers have been a series of popular toys not only for the kids now but also from the kids from the 90s.

PLA will be the best choice for printing this toy which will need no support for printing. This will also include the feature like its transformer ability to change from a truck to a standing robot.

With only a handful recorded prints of this toy you can easily find it on thingiverse.com

  1. Time travelling delorean

Yet another type of automobile but with a futuristic feature. This embodies 3D racing cars and other vehicles from back to the future, the delorean.

It is printable with PLA Filament. And has been downloaded a few hundreds of times. It is available on pinshape.com

  1. Figurines

Classic types of figurines include Barbie dolls, defence models like that of G.I. Joes.

You can also download two dimensional full size figurines in the shapes of Avengers. No boy is not a fan of Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, iron man and of course Hulk.

With the help of PLA and its availability in various colours you can easily download and print figurines from thingiverse.com.

  1. Toy soldiers

Not too difficult to print with, the PLA here would require support. You can use exclusive Army colours like brown or green to print soldiers. You can also print out an entire battalion for your kid.

Easily available on thingiverse.com there have been over a few thousand downloads until now.

  1. Lego

There barely have been children, you mustn’t have played with Lego bricks and toys. Your child can easily be engaged into constructing a fort aur house built out of Lego bricks and placing little Lego citizens inside of them.

  1. Space blaster

To have the final product you might want to add a few electronic configurations in the toy. Kind of complex to print with, you can get assistance with PLA filament and a mild level of soldering is required to add the electronics.

With over 800 times of this toy being viewed, it is easily found on pinshape.com

  1. The classic Rubik’s cube

The Rubik’s cube is the most engaging toy of all time. It can be printed with the help of PLA and  supports. The recurrence of Rubik's cube as tiny dots on each cube piece.

And all you need to put together 1 cube core, 6 cube spinner arms, 8 corners and 12 middle pieces. You can easily find this on pinshape.com

  1. Learning toys

The math spinner toy which includes the learning toys is an appropriate way to teach your kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for every number from 0 to 9.

The most commonly used filaments are ABS & PLA. These work great with printing learning toys.

You can easily find it on myminifactory.com

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