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Send your Model Design.

Using our new rapid prototype design techniques, you can upload your model design and finish your project with us rapidly and in high quality. Using our best manufacturing in-house techniques we quickly fabricate a scale or assembly model parts of your prototype using three dimensional computer aided design (CAD), to get what quality our professional desire. You can simply join us by uploading your design file with us, in .stl format. And let us do all the rest.

Tell your Design Description.

Different 3D printing services use different materials to print products. Look for a platform that offers numerous materials you can select from that suit your needs. Tell us your material type size; colour, etc, to make us meet your specific needs and build the high quality design which will satisfy you as a customer.

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Receive your Product Design.

Receive your high quality-3D-design-print product on your doorstep, which our proven service associates make sure that it will reach you on time and safe and sound.

How We Calculate.

The printing parts price is defined by the materials used and the time it take to print a part . Price also depends on the material selected PLA is less expensive then ABS due to its easy to print properties. Yes, its that simple no hidden charges.

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