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Quantity and
Delivery Time

Quantity: 2 Sets
Delivery Time: Overnight Dlivery


The Strategy

On extreme-priority, we assembled the team during non-office hours to deliver this project overnight. Few key team members took this in hand strategized the fastest way to prototype and deliver. We took the plunge with these:

  • Chose ABS+ instead of ABS because of further stability and smoothness
  • Deployed multiple printers to speed up the fabrication
  • Every part was fabricated with extreme precaution because failure would lead to loss of time.

Delivered Order & Happy Client

This is what motivates us to push things harder than they are supposed to be pushed.

The client was extremely happy to see the efforts put in under economical budget and overhanging deadline. Here’s a snap of the deliverables

Look at the key metrics that helped us achieve what we wanted to:

Over-Budget - 10%
Delivery - 12 Hours
Products Delivered - 2 Sets
Failures- 0