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Mechanical Design
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Vibrant ABS
Tough SLA

Quantity and
Delivery Time

Quantity: 100 Sets
Delivery Time: 15 days

The Strategy

The Client posed the problem of creating intricate kids toys with Snap-fit and vibrant colours. The material needs to rigid enough to withstand kids pressure and over 100 snap-fit cycles.

The Peacock Game Model aimed to gain some market share of LEGO’s. But in order to do that, the product had to snap-fit using 3D Printing for at least 100 trials. To solve this problem, our main Mechanical Designer worked tirelessly for over 12 hours to bring a design that could save time, can be easily printed, and doesn’t put a hole in clients’ pocket. Here are some bold decisions that we took:

  • Ditching the industry-standard PLA in the favor of High Infill ABS.
  • Went through over 10 prototypes to finalize the design.
  • Importing special bright filaments to fulfill the last leg of requirement

Delivered Order & Happy Client

This is what motivates us to push things harder than they are supposed to be pushed.
The client was extremely happy to see the efforts put in under economical budget and overhanging deadline. Here’s a snap of the deliverables.

Look at the key metrics that helped us achieve what we wanted to:

Savings on Budget - 10%
Days Delivery - 13 Days
Products Delivered - 110 Sets
Design Hours - 12 Hours