-3D Printing
-Post Processing
-Mechanical Design
-Professional Prototyping

Material Specifications

- 40% Infill
-Tough SLA
-SLA Process
-Skin like texture

Quantity and
Delivery Time

-Budget: High
-Quantity: 10 Sets
-7 Days for Printing
-18 days for post processing


The Strategy

We started by finding the highly realistic model of a Rhino that could seem real enough to be showcased at a museum.

We found a few designs but nothing came close to the design in mind. We chose one design and our mechanical team worked for 18 hours to perfect the design as per the specification.

Following are some memorable snapshots while working on the project:

  • 40% Infill – SLA Tough Resin.
  • 18 Hours of Design Perfection within 3 days.
  • Skin like texture with heavy post-processing and uneven-layering
  • 12 Wasted Prototypes in the pursuit of Client’s North Star.

Successful yet Failed Print

The first successful print that was discarded because it looked angry and as per client gave negative vibes which wasn't expected in a model at children museum.


Delivered Order & Happy Client

The Museum show was a hit and our client received immense appreciation. Projects like this make our days successful and our nights peaceful knowing that we did something good.

Look at the key metrics that helped us achieve what we wanted to:

On Budget - 100%
Days Delivery - 24
Rhinos Delivered - 11
Design Hours- 18