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3D Printing Services, FDM, SLA, SLS, Vacuum Casting, or Injection Molding

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FDM 3D Printing Services in Bangalore

Fused Deposition Modeling

Famously known as 3D Printing
We have extensive materials such as ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, Nylon and various others.

SLA, SLS 3d printing service


For Wow Quality Prints, we provide SLA and SLS services with extreme accuracy and vivid colours

3D Printing & Laser Cutting Services in Bangalore

Laser Cutting

Get Creative.
Cut anything from Wood, Acrylic, PCB to soft aluminium & get it delivered within 24 hours

3D Printing & PCB Design Services in Bangalore, Mumbai

PCB Designing

With more than 5 PCB Designers in our team, we can help you design PCB's from scratch.

3D Printing & Mechanical Design Services in Bangalore, Coimbatore

Mechanical Designing

If you already have PCB ready, we can design your functional and beautiful enclosures

Rapid Prototyping and Low Batch Manufacturing in Bangalore, Mumbai

Low Batch Manufacturing

Get BOM to PCBA to Manufacturing Help.
Start as low as 50 pieces & upto 10,000 units

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3D Printing Companies in Bangalore

Pricing Transparency

At Makenica, we strive to make the already cumbersome manufacturing process simple and intuitive.

We started by simplifying Pricing because most of other companies make it really complex and hidden under layers. We stand against that. All our pricing are transparent and simple to understand.
No Hidden Charges. No Conditions


Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Our Clients and Engineers have worked round the clock to deliver great products in record time. This is why most product companies opt for Makenica as their go-to manufacturing partner.

Here are some numbers that motivate us to push the boundary every single day.

Satisfied Clients


Timely Delivery

3D Printing Companies in Bangalore- Makenica Clients

Your questions. Our Answers.

What are your policies with IP Designs?

We follow industry protocol by signing agreements and deleting files once we are finished with our order.

Can I send an image and get it 3D Printed?

Images are 2D, not 3D. We need designs in 3D CAD formats. STL is the most preferred format.

Do you edit the files for print optimisation?

We are not authorised to do that. We make sure your file is printed the way it was intended to be.

What’s the difference between the technologies mentioned?

>FFF/FDM is the most common form of 3D Printing works great for prototyping. 95% of our customers prefer FDM
>SLA – Good for intricate parts with detail – precision health-care, dental, jewellery, tiny electronic enclosures.
>SLS – Industry Grade Additive Manufacturing services for high quality & complex designs. Expensive & Larger Lead 

How does price vary with resolution?

In FDM, the print time varies exponentially when layer height changes. If surface quality is important, go for 100. 

Work that we are proud of

These case studies will help you understand how
our team executes even in Low Resource Environments

3D Printing Companies in Bangalore Projects

Intricate Kids Toys

Vibrant, Snap-fit enabled Toys 

3D Printing Companies in Bangalore Case Study

Functional Turbine Sets

Highly precise & smooth outputs

3D Printing Companies in Bangalore Case Study

Rhino - Showcase Quality

Textured Skin for Museum Show


With my experience of 5 years in manufacturing and designing, it was a delight to meet a team like Makenica. They take projects as if they own them.
I appreciate their timely delivery, priority support and extremely competitive prices

Rohit Singh

Lead Product, SilkBoard Association

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